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No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Beef U - Industry History 1. Industry History 2. Intro to the Beef Industry 3. Farmers and Ranchers Average herd size 44 The American beef industry raises cattle in how many states?


All 50 D. None 3. True or false: U. Who fabricates carcasses into subprimal cuts? Stocker B.

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Seedstock producer C. Packer D. Which is not true of certified-organic beef? Cattle may be given vitamin or mineral supplements B. Cattle may receive antibiotics to treat illness C. Cattle may be feedlot-finished D. All 50 See slide 18 2. True See slide 19 4. Packer See slide 20 5.

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False See slide 22 6. Cattle may receive antibiotics to treat illness See slide 23 7.

BEEF U 2014 Cuts of Beef Part 1

You just clipped your first slide! This Thanksgiving turkey is certainly very palatable! Are you equally confident your livestock feeds are palatable?

It seems like a strange greeting, but it is genuine from me to you, and also to any animals that you are feeding at home or on the farm. I hope the interactions you have consist of sweet and savory words, rather than bitter or sour ones as you gather around the table for dinner. I hope the same for the food! On two difference occurrences in November, I had the chance to talk with groups about how important palatability is for animal intake of feed rations. It describes the how preferable an experience is, most often, an eating experience.

The scale of preference though is very difficult to quantify. While there are some visual and sensory characteristics to look at, the only sure fire way to determine quality is to pull a sample and do a forage analysis. For those who have to purchase hay this winter there are a few things to consider in terms of hay quality and value. There are some visual and sensory characteristics we can look at, as a gross indication of forage quality. The presence of seed heads grass forages , flowers or seed pods legumes , indicate more mature forages.

Ameri-Can Beef U Up ft. R. Stevie Moore | Already Dead Tapes and Records

Good-quality legume forages will have a high proportion of leaves, and stems will be less obvious and fine. While we tend to favor bright green forages from a visual perspective, color is not a good indicator of nutrient content, but bright green color does suggest minimal oxidation. Smell of the forage and moisture content are also valuable indicators in determining hay quality.

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  8. There are basically only two ways to increase profits. Approximately 95 females, either bred or with calf at side and less than 5 years old, will sell Friday evening. The sale will be held this Friday, November 29, at the Muskingum Livestock facility located at Malinda Street in Zanesville and will begin at p. This sale represents an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to add quality young replacement females to their herd.


    There are approximately 95 lots selling in the sale consisting of bred heifers, bred cows, and cow-calf pairs. All females selling are less than five years of age at sale time. It seems like I could have written the same thing for each of the last three months. But the calf market has really been struggling and dropped a little further from September to October.

    Beef price trends

    This fall calf market has been the lowest since , and prior to that, I would have to go back to to find a fall where prices were lower. The report indicated more cattle on feed than a year ago for the first time since August, On feed inventories totaled In percentage terms on feed was up 1. Inventories grew on the strength of the largest October placements, 2.