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This book can be read in small chapters without spoiling the experience. Very amusing,entertaining yet with serious overtones. This book made me laugh, even though I am very sad right now after my breakup. It is full of realistic relationship stories and life after the break-up, that are sadly true, but also funny. After my breakup, the most difficult thing was being alone.

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The stories about coming home to an empty apartment, going out alone, or dealing with difficult situations alone seemed written just for me. Losing the person who you thought was always on your side is heart-breaking. Knowing that I am not alone with this heart-break was comforting and provided me with encouragement that "this too shall pass.

Each of her stories will make you laugh and inspire you with their lessons, practical advice and "twists of revenge". Throughout the book,I felt that Ms. Singer was speaking directly to me. When I finished it, I realized that I am not alone and there is a happy life for me in the future. The Breakup Cocktail is a perfect Valentine's gift to give your friends who are recovering from a bad relationship. Of course I could relate to the content of this book, and Barbara Kingsolver has a great sense of humor.

I recommend it if you'd had a breakup and are ready to get your feet wet again. My favorite Kingsolver is "Poisonwood Bible. Perhaps someone who had experienced a breakup more recently would get more from this, but it didn't hold my attention. Writing is tine though. I am in the middle of completing another book and purchased this book for the five parts laughter. I flipped through this book preparing to put it away until I completed the other book. Three hours later I was still reading and laughing.

The pie dish story is so visual it should be read on an empty stomach! I loved the way the writer presents each couple's case. This book is reading entertainment at its best.

It would have been helpful for me while recovering from a broken heart or relationship and although happily married, I love to read all books. This book is fantastic! I could not recommend it high enough! I bought it for my wife and I didn't see her for 3 days. I hope you all do too!!! I was discarded after 2. Best to find a way to process everything without involving her. Dear Kim i just listens to the youtu video and it truly gsve me chills hoe i already am at the trauma level and i do have a child eith her… Ive lost jobs due to panic and anxiety,, lost self esteem and truly loat overall enjoyment of life..

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I really would like to speak to you or be apart of this healing because i have done the rrsearching part to wear i ha e mutliple videos of what a narcicist is and all of it.. Jus to lease.. I need guidancr. Do you have any advice for going no contact when you have a business together and have to live together during the separation? My one requirement was that he not date until we were not living together. I did not realize I was married to a narcissist until recently but he is textbook! I am working on just discussing business I cannot leave this business and our son with him but he keeps turning the conversation to himself and his problems at work.

I sent him a list of moving forward i.

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I will not cook, shop, help him in anyway outside the business. He read it but appears to be pretending that it is not actually happening and being way overly nice and happy as if nothing is wrong…I feel like he is doing this to make me feel guilty for ignoring him but it is hard when you are in the same house…suggestions? The best way to handle these matters is to let your attorney handle specifics regarding the business and your son. We came to terms and signed a separation agreement which will transfer to our divorce decree.

I got what I wanted and so did he so we are good.

I have to communicate with him daily on the business; there is no way out of it and it has too much value to walk away from. I am planning on selling my shares in the next year or two but in the meantime I will just walk away when the conversation changes from business to personal. It just blows me away that he is pretending everything is wonderful and he is so jovial towards me when he knows how bad things really are. It is creepy at best. Thank you again. Wonderful site and articles!

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  5. Start making a plan to exit. The home. Step by step. Day by day. And then relook at the business. Can you buy him out? Knowing where you want to be and how you want life to be is half the battle. I do understand living a separate life under one roof. Extremely hard. You deserve better. The N. Sons wife even convinced my oldest grandson to cut ties with me and not let me even see my great granddaughter because I took his sister in…. It has been 2 years this august, I spent almost 2 years drinking alcohol and literally trying to numb myself from the pain… the pain of losing my kids my home my job and my sanity.

    After getting a dui and creating more pain for myself and keeping my addiction to my childs father my narc in tact…all the while I lost my home again and what little I did have left from my break up in the first place. I had a lighbulb go off last weekend during my 30 min visit with my 3 year old that I share with the narc… he was bragging about going to yacht club parties with single moms etc… its like really How much more pain do I need to subject my self to? I wanted to drink alcohol so bad and feel sorry for myself and inflict more pain to myself since I seem to like it inflicted on me.

    I cant do it anymore… I wanted closure i wanted things to make sense I wanted him to at least acknowledge that I am in pain.


    I have finally come to the realization that he is my drug , its like heroin but way worse … at least with heroin the high feels great and I have no pre conceived notions about the come down… I have entertained killing myself more times that I would like to admit … the only thing stopping me is my kids … I dont want them to suffer because their mom was too weak and broken down to want to live. Aloha to everyone reading this. I too have endured the wild ride of being with a narcissistic partner s in life.

    Only it took me many many years and relationships to see this for what it really was. Eighteen years ago I married the most arrogant man I have ever known, then divorced 12 years and two children later and married a schizophrenic man for a short year an a half and then after being crushed because I truly loved this one with all my heart, I tried to date after 4 years of grieving and found myself attracting the same types of men over and over. One thing always seemed to happen. They were charming and extremely kind at first but always wanted to rush into marriage and a serious commitment by the second month, so I would break it off out of fear of getting entrapped in another bad relationship.

    Funny thing though, each one I met got even more interesting.


    One man even such a master manipulator that he tried to make me watch videos about narcissism alluding that I was one to cover his own mask and break me down. Between the goofy offers of becoming a trophy wife to multiple personality disorders and being controlling and even stalking me, I decided it was time to stop dating and get some help and focus on me.

    After all this, I know am on the path to healing.