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The most important aspect in this context are neither new tools nor special disinfectants, but a thorough understanding of the actual case we are treating. It will be shown that not all endodontic cases are equal, and how we can address the more difficult cases by choosing our approach wisely. One core issue is timing. How much time are we prepared to spend on a case, and what is best for our patient? In this context, the effectiveness and compatibility of the means we use to debride and disinfect are key. The other core issue is anatomy. Whilst many clinicians are aware of the macro anatomy of root canal systems, fewer consider micro anatomy.

Activated root canal irrigation: why and how? Luc W.


Apical periodontitis is caused by an inflammatory reaction of the host to the presence of bacteria planktonic state or biofilm and their products which are close to, in or outside the root canal. Treating an infected pulp, root canal irrigation aims at removal or inactivation of the biofilm. Activation of the irrigant during the irrigation procedure can enhance the efficacy of the irrigant and the procedure. One of the problems in dentistry is that we lack clinical evidence for most of our procedures.

This lecture will explain the activation possibilities, available at the moment, for treatment of vital or infected pulps and its proven clinical relevance. Maciej Zarow PHD. Discoloured anterior teeth can have a very negative effect on a patient's appearance. In the past, a lot of root canal treated teeth were reconstructed using metal posts and crowns. Today, more conservative strategies such as bleaching, fiber posts, composite restoration or minimal invasive porcelain veneers represent an alternative treatment option.

On the other hand, endodontically treated teeth present impaired crown stiffness due to structural loss of hard tissues. Preserving intact coronal and radicular tooth structure, especially maintaining cervical tissue to create a ferrule effect, is considered to be crucial for the optimal biomechanical behaviour of restored teeth. The presence of ferrule has a positive effect on fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth.

Daniel H. Bart Van Meerbeek. This lecture aims to provide an update on modern adhesive technology to directly restore teeth. Composites can be bonded according to an 'etch-and-rinse' or 'self-etch' bonding protocol. Enamel requires phosphoric acid for durable adhesion, while phosphoric acid onto dentin is today less preferred.

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Self-etch adhesives make use of chemical interaction and nano-technology. This lecture provides a full update on dental adhesives from molecular-level interaction at the adhesive-tooth interface to laboratory and clinical performance, with a clear practice-oriented message how to bond most durably to enamel and dentin.

Managing the deep carious lesion "MI" way! Avijit Banerjee. Indications and protocols in esthetic dentistry: the composite way , Dr. Didier Dietschi. Indications and protocols in esthetic dentistry: the ceramic way , Dr. Federico Ferraris. Masayuki Okawa. The future prospective of minimally invasive full-mouth rehabilitation adapting digital approach would require the following clinical discussions: 1 What would be key points in the clinical work-flow to maintain high predictability when the digital technology replaces the traditional restoration work?

The speaker wishes to explain all of the above through his clinical cases. Matthias Kern. Resin-bonded fixed dental prostheses RBFDPs, so-called Maryland bridges with two metal retainer wings have been introduced over 30 years ago for a minimal invasive replacement of missing teeth. However RBFDPs are still not considered a comparable treatment modality to implants by most of the dentists.

In the meantime execellent long-term data of this minimal invasive treatment option are available. Similar concepts are now also implemented for the replacement of posterior teeth that show promising medium-term outcomes comparable to single tooth implants. This lecture summarizes when zirconia ceramic RBFDPs present a favorable, minimally invasive and less costly treatment alternative to single tooth implants. Jiro Abe. The prosthetic management of the edentulous patient has long been a major challenge for dentistry. The main problem is the mandibular complete denture that lifts up easily with the mouth opening.

Most clinicians know that patients report significantly more problems adapting to their mandibular denture. When using our current techniques, most lower dentures exhibit a lack of retention, this can contribute to patient dissatisfaction and acceptance of their new dentures.

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Normally, in clinical experience, conventional dentures don't create mandibular suction effectiveness. In , in order to overcome this problem, I established a successful concept and mechanism to fabricate the mandibular suction denture and have been expanding this technique around the world.

My presentation will take clinician on a new journey to discover and implement my suction effective mandibular denture techniques. Alessandro Devigus. Aesthetic dentistry has evolved in many areas in recent years.

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In the lecture, developments in materials, digital planning and their clinical implementation will be explained. The importance of orofacial muscle training during the period of provisional restoration on immediately loaded implants.

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Why is it important for edentulous and partially edentulous patients to undergo orofacial muscle training? Hajime Igarashi. After losing teeth and using ill-fitting denture for a long period of time, it is not only hard to masticate but also the movement of the masticatory muscles, facial expression muscles and tongue usually degenerate.

Occlusal force cannot be fully demonstrated due to the loss of teeth and shortening the occlusal vertical dimension. Occlusal force exerts by contracting muscles under the presence of teeth. It is necessary to smoothly move the tongue and early recover the chewing and swallowing motions through the superstructure of the immediate loaded implants with an established certain occlusal vertical dimension with myo-functional therapy.

Extension of healthy life with implants treatment especially with Photofunctionalized immediately loaded Implants. Senichi Suzuki.

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Japan is involved with Super aging society now. Immediate loading procedure is very critical for us because of life expectancy. If you treat it over two years, half of patient life will be used.

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Ultimate goal is to improve body composition. Iijima conducted tracking survey for in Kashiwa for 3 years it indicated when the posterior teeth run out, the body becomes weak. Protein is deficient, became sarcopenia, and became a locomotive syndrome and it turned out to be necessary nursing care. I would like to introduce various things that we can extend the healthy life expectancy and improve quality of life by implant treatment. This presentation will provide an update on minimally invasive esthetic implant surgery. The use of growth factors such a biotechnology-engineered Platelet-Derived Growth Factor has improved the ability to regenerate bone with less invasive procedures.

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Novel implant designs are improving our ability to load implants at the time of surgery. A novel system will be presented including a one-year immediate loading study. The indications and contraindications for immediate loading will be presented. Understand minimally invasive grafting with growth factors 2.

Learn various options for techniques and timing of soft tissue grafting in the esthetic zone.