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I was also disconcerted by the fact she kisses a person she has only just met - there was no reason for this given. I struggled with the, at times, distinctly odd prose and similies. For instance: "In the silence, the banging of our bumper took centre stage like an American Idol loser" - this just makes very little sense. Add to that: "Vayl made a sound in the back of his throat, a primal distress signal, the kind you might hear from elephants as they mourn over the bones of lost brothers. And which elephants actually do mourn over the bones of lost brothers?

The writing stank, to be perfectly honest. Altogether a hugely disappointing read. View 2 comments. Apr 09, Carien rated it liked it Shelves: uf. Usually this is a bad sign. My brain has the habit of blocking books and movies I hated. Still, my review from back then didn't sound ranty, and I even stated being willing to try a second book in the series. As I could get the first 5 book in this series for a steal at the charity shop I decided to give this series another chance and reread this book.

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And this is an enjoyable read. My brain must have decided to also review: I've read this book before in , but couldn't remember a thing! My brain must have decided to also forget reasonably nice reads. The book starts with Jaz being told she's going to work with Vayl, and then immediately switches to six month later. I will confess I wish I got the story of their first six month working together as well.

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Still I really like Jaz and Vayl. The tension between them is interesting and promising. The story itself is suspenseful, but at times a bit chaotic. I'm not sure if it's the writing or that the plot might be too convoluted. A small annoyance was the fact that Jaz as narrator didn't reveal information she had, but kept eluding to it: "I haven't been the same since That aside the story was entertaining enough that I'm curious about the next book, and want to see how the relationship between Jaz and Vayl will develop.

I'll be picking up book two one of these days. Rating from was 2 stars, new rating 3 stars. I heard many good things about this series before starting this book and was thinking I would certainly like it. I really liked Jaz and Vayl and the chemistry between them, I'll give the book that. Otherwise it felt very chaotic, both storywise and how it was written.

I had difficulty keeping my attention on the story because of that. I'm still not quite sure what the bad guys wanted and why, I will confess. Chances of me continuing this series are slim, but I will be fair enough to say I would give book two a try if I came across it in a sale to see if the chaos in this book is because of inexperience or if it's just Rardin's style.

Jul 25, Yvette rated it did not like it Shelves: tried-to-read. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I honestly don't know how this book got so many 5 stars. I had passed this book by so many times, and never picked it up because the title just didn't do it for me. I read the reviews and I thought to myself, "okay, I'll give it a shot.

Luminous: Once Bitten, Twice Shy Series, Book 3 Unabridged

I skipped a lot of it because it was just plain boring and rushed. The character development sucked butt. I wanted to like Vayl, and I believe that I would have, if his character was more developed. I didn't want his whole I honestly don't know how this book got so many 5 stars. I didn't want his whole years of life, but it would have been a great thing to add some details to his background, before dumping his 'late wife' into the story.

His attraction to Jaz was out of the blue.

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Jasmines attraction to Cole, was weird and again, out of the blue he kisses her while hiding in the ladies room because he wants to be like Bond, and she kisses him back for Jaz and Vayl's 'relationship' is never actually announced. How she became a 'Sensitive' was kind of described but not really well. The 'magic' or whatever that she received after Vayl feed from her wasn't really explained to the reader. It gave no description of why she was getting magic, what actually passed between them during that time cause she blacks out.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

The black outs themselves I don't understand. She constantly repeats hereself. There were so many analogies in the book, that I started skipping a lot. The plot was rushed and none too exciting, in my opinion. Her relationship with her brother in pretty much described as non-existent, but he all of a sudden forgives her and understands how hard she had it in the past, when she warns him about a bomb.

I honestly have so many complaints. I quit reading read this book at page It was just too annoying and rushed to me.

I was tired of the lame bad guys 'taking over the world' bit, the late wife wanting some ring from Jaz, Jaz smart mouth which is not really a bad thing but it gets old pretty fast. I believe it could have been a good book, if it wasn't so rushed and gave a little more background info on the characters. Apr 24, Felicia rated it liked it Recommends it for: vampire fans. Shelves: vaginal-urban-fantasy , urban-paranormal. This book is not great. I say that off the top to anyone who picks it up after reading what I have to say, because I don't want any nagging or resentment.

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The characters are pretty cliche'd, they don't even act sensically from chapter to chapter. What this book does provide along with the other 4 I've read in the series is just a fun popcorn snack of cliches that I gobbled up and had a ton of fun reading. If you're into mindless action-adventure vampire stuff think Anita blake meets James This book is not great. If you're into mindless action-adventure vampire stuff think Anita blake meets James Bond then pick these up! She works for the CIA with her boss, Vayl, who is a year old vampire. Vayl is one of the good guys.

He has chosen to live in peaceful co-existence with humans. In this first installment Jaz and Vayl are dispatched to Miami to do a little recon. With a blend of action, angst, humour and a wee smidgen of romance to keep the guys happy and a spattering of gore to keep the girls happy Jennifer Rardin has hit the jackpot. Mysterious back-stories are interwoven deftly and plots are played out to a gratifying conclusion. The overall tone is light, written in the first person Jaz and it is action packed.

In fact, that would be my only complaint about this book.