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And I am so incredibly thankful that Shonda them off in a happy manner. They will always make me sing!

And their story is the one I return to most often to believe in love in this world. Maybe if super narrowed it down and just picked just their season 5 storyline? You have my promise! Dominique said Waverly was bi recently at a con.

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London Brice (Author of Shadows of Dreagan)

I think it was this past ClexaCon but it might have been one of the others since then. If you want to hear Dom say Waverly is bisexual with her own adorable British accent I have queued up this video for ya! Also seconding Carmilla! Heck, they had three seasons and a full-length film, which is credentials enough for me. That was unsuccessful.

Love this list! Gosh I miss Orphan Black! That episode where the camera is panning around Cosima and Delphine and they flash back to season 1! If you skip everything right after the wedding vows as I did Pepa and Silvia could belong on this list. Delia and Patsy from Call the Midwife are definitely a favourite of mine! I would recommend only looking up their parts. In summary:. Me too!! I just finally watched Everything Sucks and I loved it so much.

I love Everything Sucks and especially Kate.

Just a reccomendation- check out Sydney and Maggie on saving hope. Plus some great call room funny business. The most fluffy episode ever about my precious space gays playing baseball and flirting. Maggie Lin and Dr. Sydney Katz from Saving Hope! Also, soon Freya and Keelin from The Originals are gonna be married! Hopefully nothing bad will happen. Heather has written articles for us. You May Also Like Season Two, Asylum, has a really original and complicated lesbian character, Lana Winters Sarah Paulson who is institutionalized for her sexual orientation and loses her wife Clea Duvall. Season Seven, Cult, is pretty bad, but it finally gives Sarah Paulson a starring role as a Midwestern lesbian very upset about Trump.

Plus, Lena Dunham pops in to play Valerie Solanas! Bisexual witch Freya Mikaelson joins the cast of this vampire show in Season Two, and gets a bisexual wearwolf love interest, Keelin, in Season Four. Ugh I love it when that happens. Alternating between farce and pathos, the misadventures of these year-olds living in Derry, Ireland in the early 90s are always a delight.

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While the lesbian character has yet to date, or really even crush, her sexuality is handled with a pleasantly casual inclusion. Shameless has gay male storylines from the jump, as well as a few recurring and guest lesbian characters.

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Plus, although it eventually goes off the rails, most of Shameless is pretty brilliant, with scrappy, multi-dimensional characters who are far from flawless yet generally manage to win your heart. Shameless looks at class politics with an unsentimental eye unlike anything else on television.

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All American may be an unevenly written teen drama, but Coop is a superbly written black lesbian character in a class all her own. The recurring queer women on the show—Jo and Chase—provide some of the best episodes, covering a sprawling gay relationship arc of coming out to breaking up. All Rights Reserved. This show premised on the story of a virgin who is accidentally impregnated at the gynecologist somehow managed to turn a weird, uncomfortable concept into a feminist home run.

Luisa, is a lesbian, and has some very telenovela-worthy affairs.

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This Twin Peaksy adaptation of the beloved comic initially earned accolades for its portrayal of openly gay jock Kevin and jeers for queerbaiting Betty and Veronica. But Season Two introduced bisexual Serpent Toni and a coming out story for our favorite ice queen, Cheryl. But Season Two delivered a romance to remember between two women of color, which hit some pretty interesting complications in Season Three. Come for the apocalyptic dystopia and attractive teenagers rolling around in the mud with weapons and fighting about the new world — and, chances are, drop off in Season Three after the lesbian death that sparked a movement and changed us all forever.

Bisexual protagonist!

Sarah Waters

It has a lesbian character, Courtney Crimson, with two gay Dads. I think she gets a girlfriend in Season Two, which somehow managed to be even worse than Season One? Is anybody still watching this disaster. Another ripped-from-the-comic-book show, Arrow is based on DC Comics character Green Arrow, a rich playboy who becomes a superhero, traipsing about the city with his bow and arrows, Katniss-style, saving the world from danger.

Unfortunately those characters are gone with the wind, but one of them is leading her own show now — see the Legends of Tomorrow entry above! The show is at its best during this string of episodes focusing on Peach and the campy melodrama of Beck having two stalkers. Unfortunately, Joe is still our protagonist, and this subplot ends with a bang. This is a fairytale that will break your heart. But, if you can keep watching, you will be treated to a sweet small queer love story between Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy from Oz in Season Five and a longer, nearly perfectly executed, queer love story between Robin Hood and Alice of Wonderland in Season Seven.

Dark Matter is about six people who wake up on a spaceship with no memories at all.

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One of these six people, and the obvious choice for leader of this group, is a smart, fierce women of color called Two. Plus, the ship also comes equipped with an Android who looks like Zoie Palmer. The show got pretty queer in its third season just in time to get pretty cancelled. It takes three seasons for Sara Ramirez to make her debut as queer bisexual butch babe Kat Sandoval, but trust us — if you have a thing for dapper butches in formal wear, she is definitely worth the wait.

Unfortunately, if you expect Kat to do much more than be a heartthrob walking around in the background, Madam Secretary ; will leave you wanting. Still, its political case of the week approach to TV with soft feminist values makes for a decent background noise streaming option. The Walking Dead is a story about zombies! Well, actually, to be honest: most of us.

But we do know that this show has a queer character named Tara who first appears in Season Four! That much we do know. Also at some point a lesbian gets shot in the eye with an arrow. Theo transitions in Part Two, and Sabrina fights for gender equality in the premiere, but the series does occasionally struggle with its own mythology and with uniting both sides of its storytelling, which whiplashes between grounded character work and sheer chaos.

All rights reserved. The Good Place runs on its quick wit, a surprisingly nuanced and useful incorporation of philosophy, and impressively complex world-building. But it also runs on twists. Anna Torv played Wendy Carr, a psychologist with a scholarly interest in interviewing imprisoned serial killers to determine what the hell is going on there. Her lesbianism is sidelined in Season One but in Season Two, Wendy gets a VERY hot girlfriend who looks nice in a tank top, and queer storylines bubble back up to the surface. She kicks ass and takes names, working alongside an adorable lesbian police constable who unfortunately she does not make out with.

Look out for Archie Pangabi playing another queer-ish character, Dr. Tanya Reed Smith.