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Lisa walks the fine line between Heaven and Hell, writing tales of horror and unspeakable fear to inspirational stories that will uplift and motivate your spirit. She believes the world hinges on both good and evil and her stories reflect both the dark and the light. She also writes non-fiction and erotic romance with a rock and roll edge under her pen name Veronica Moreau.

It is her desire to become a motivational speaker and to heal others with her words. She has raised Rottweilers for 15 years and is a former belly dancer. She is also a columnist and feature writer for her hometown newspaper.

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She is a member of Toastmasters. About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Rated 5. A dying mother's advice for the obstinate daughter she is leaving behind. A story of hope, inspiration and how a briar of a child became the flower that her mother always dreamed of When the author lost her mother in , she could have been a better daughter. She tried to be the daughter that her mother wanted and needed at this time of sorrow but she didn't know how to be that person.

In a collection of short pieces of advice, the author has put together words of comfort and wisdom that her Cherokee mother gave her over the years. She never knew at the time, that this advice would help her as she took care of a dying parent. I was sullen, arrogant, controlling, judgmental and a times, downright rude. I was just a miserable shrew and I guess now that I am not…I am so far away from that horrible person, that I can see that trait in others. FaceBook is another example of misery. I know, I know, I am a big time FaceBook fan and enjoy it for the most part however there are so many posts on there that are a turn off to me.

I had to turn off one post from a woman who is ill and every single day, ALL day long, her posts reflect her illness. Did it ever occur to her that she is drawing more illness into her life? I see people on there who are angry and some threaten others…some badmouth everyone and spread hate and negative energy.


Back in , I lost my mother after a short illness. After her death, I was thrown into a black pit of loss and despair. One by one tragedies befell me until the person I knew before no longer existed. I was an empty shell, a nothing, a nobody…I wanted to die and die I did. I thank God for that death. It took three years to live again and see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize that it was not a train but the sun and it wanted me to live again, to love again, to breathe.

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It had faith in me when to me, all faith had been lost. It was then and only then did the old me go away and die. It just withered up and died right there and in its place was a new person, a reborn person who was no longer unhappy, I was no longer someone who was full of anger and bitterness, someone who could finally see the sun through the clouds and I learned to love others in a deep and profound way.

Life is good…it is also short and as my mother always said, it gets shorter as we age and it goes faster too…so the next time you are unhappy, stop and ask yourself why…. Listen to that inner voice inside and fill that black hole of anger and doubt with positive energy and joy. The Universe will thank you for it and so will I. I was young and trying to be a everything to everybody and this booked helped me to realize, that I did do what I was supposed to do in supporting this very important person while she was dying.

The Rainbow Won't Wait

As you grow older and start your own family you hide these feeling kinda but as you grow older and your life settles down… they come out. Because of you telling your story made my guilt lessen. Thank you for writing this book and telling your story. Now every time I see a rainbow I will remember this very important person and think of your supportive chapters in your book. Good luck to you. I love to hear from my readers, whether good, bad or anything in between!

If you are interested in reviewing my books, interviewing me or being a guest on my blog, please contact me at Magicforest peoplepc. Let me know if you want to be added to my distro list for upcoming book info! And as always, thank you for your continued love and support! Tagged as happiness , lisa v. Today, in your travels, think about your story…what type of legacy do you want to leave behind for your children, your family, friends?

Have you made a positive impression on those around you or are you someone who others avoid or are afraid of? Okay, a lot of fans and friends have been asking me, when is this book coming out?!?! Well, I can tell you I am still working on the cover and it I plan on a January release, possibly December. These things take time when you are trying to get it right!

I am excited about it coming out and I appreciate all of your concern and interest and I guarantee not to let you down!

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This is a really cool site for writers, you have to check it out! Okay, you have got to see the cutest things I have come across in a long time, possibly ever! They are lifesize handmade baby dolls that resemble baby Werewolves! They are called Werepups and I have got to have one!!!

Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact. Tagged as amazon , lisa v.

I took Kurgan and Harley out and played ball with them in the back yard. We had a blast! I came across another cool article that I really enjoyed and I wanted to share it with you. It had some scary scenes that had me putting the covers over my eyes.

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Yes, yes, even though I write that stuff, I still get freaked out. February and March are totally filled now and I am looking for authors for April. Man, the year is going by so fast it seems. If you are interested, please see my contact info below. When the author lost her mother in , she could have been a better daughter.

In a collection of short pieces of advice, the author has put together words of comfort and wisdom that her Cherokee mother gave her over the years. She never knew at the time, that this advice would help her as she took care of a dying parent. A story of hope, inspiration and how a briar of a child became the flower that her mother always dreamed of…but died before she got a chance to see her bloom.

A hauntingly beautiful tale about vampire love and betrayal between a mortal and an undead. Craving a taste for the dark side, Veronica gets more than she bargained for when she is seduced by Victor, an evil and dangerous vampire.

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His obsession with her runs her off the road to Heaven and soon she too will turn her back on righteousness. Longing to be mortal again and trapped in the darkness of an immortal life, she struggles with knowing right from wrong, Heaven from Hell, and love from hate.

But when she discovers the truth about her dark prince, will it be too late? Will her new vampire friend help her destroy the only man she has ever loved?

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And why is he so willing to help her destroy him? You will fall in love with the innocent Veronica and her search for love, feel her joy at rekindling an old flame and die with her as the love of her life becomes her murderer. Victor is a charming but wicked vampire who could compel a corpse on the gallows to speak. We follow him as he preys on Veronica, senses her weakness and watch as he pounces on her and destroys her with just…one…puncture. An abusive husband kills his wife then dies in prison and is sent to Hell.

After making a deal with the devil, he must go through seven levels of Heaven to retrieve her and bring Satan back her soul. But the trip up to Heaven is not so easy for this murderer who is entangled in a business arrangement with the devil. The agreement involves two road maps, one to Heaven and one back down to Hell, bribing angels, being conned by demons, facing karmic debt and searching his way through a paradise where he is not welcome to find his dead wife and ruin her peaceful eternity.

A civil war ghost story about a young soldier describing the horrors of war in letters to his mother back home.