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Frost Arrows Garfield Pouches. Goodberry Potion. Greasy Lantern. Guiding Light. Hangover Cure. Heartwood Armor. Highwire Ammunition. Instant Comfort. Lightened Pack. Lightning Rod. Lizal Boomerang. Ludwig's Holy Blade. Magical Prosthesis. Marble of Liquid Storage. Needle Ammunition. Pen of Endless Ink.

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Placebo Enhancer. Potion of Damaging. Potion of Magic. Potion of Solace. Potion of the Sleepless Mind. Power Gloves.

Legend of Excalibur

Quill of Writing. Rabbit's Foot. Resizing Collar. Ring of Anti-Magic. Ring of Fire Bolts. Ring of Minor Illusion. Ring of Pleh.

Ring of nopes. Robes of Ambiguity. Rune of Muffled Noise. Savior's Bandage. Scarf of Languages. Scarlet Bovine. Scroll of Spell Mimicry. Scroll of Summon Scroll. Seed Shooter. Shield of Absorption. Spring-Loaded Shield. Spy's Paper. Staff of Amplifying. Staff of Light. Star of Shenanigans.

Temperate Clothes. Thief's Dagger. Throwing Weapon.

Topaz of Digging. Townshend's Cudgel. Tumbler of the Drunk. Twinkling Pipeweed. Very Comfortable Pillow. Vest of Safety. Wand of Minstrels. Wand of Quoitwil. Weapon of Fluctuating Accuracy. Witch's Fire.

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  • Acid Arrows Adder of Strife. Adventurer's Pouch. Amulet of Construct Location. Anti-Radiation Pills. Apprentice Ring of Blasting. Arcane Lock Box. Armor of Boosting.

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    Armor of False Wings. Armor of Haste. Armor of Silence.

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    Armor of Thorns. Armor of Undead Fortitude. Armour of Speed. Arrow of Razorwind. Arrow of the Assassin. Assassin Dagger. Automail Limb. Axe of Hurling. Bag of Colding.

    Cursed Items

    Barbarian Armor. Berserk Hammer. Berserk Potion.